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"Troubadour?  Singer-songwriter?  Artist?  Hell, I’m just a storyteller with a four-minute attention span and nervous hands!”


Matt thinks that statement fits him the best.  He is a singer-songwriter in Tucson, Arizona, transplanted recently from Texas and before that Atlanta, Georgia. He has been involved in music for many years, but with his move to Texas got started on my own music project. Most of his songs come from dreams, experiences and observations.  A song may not be about him, but there is a strong personal element in there somewhere – his views, his aspirations or his morality.


Matt’s family enjoyed music, but was not particularly musical.  Mother listened to Ray Coniff, Roger Williams, Liberace and movie soundtracks (particularly “Hatari” ) in the house.  Dad listened to Buck Owens and Chet Atkins in the garage.  Matt’s first personal musical memories are 45 RPM records his father would buy for him.  “I would listen to the radio, and tell him what song I liked the best.  Once every week or two, he would go to the record store during his lunch hour and buy the single for me.  Some of my first singles (which he still has) were “Snoopy VS The Red Baron” by The Royal Guardsmen and “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” by Bob Seger.”


When Matt was twelve or thirteen, he started guitar lessons but quit after several months.  The interest in being a rock guitar god was stronger than the interest in music theory.  He started learning guitar by attending concerts and watching the players with binoculars.  He was in a very successful high school dance band in the late seventies, and several bands after.  


“And here I am.  When I was young, I had great ambitions.  Now, older and wiser, I sing and play because I love doing it.  Anything else that comes from it is a bonus.”


“The seed for a song usually comes easily.  Often I wake in the morning with several lines of a song in my head, and the rest within minutes of pen hitting paper.  Often a turn of a phrase, seeing people interact, or hearing a good story will trigger a song as well.  Sometimes the song is finished just as easily:  sometimes it takes some suffering to make it a complete thought.  I record the songs mostly because it allows me to get them out of my head.  Until a song is recorded, it haunts me.  Once committed to “tape,” my mind is freed for other things.”


Matt’s influences are more of a rock, rather than folk or country background:


“When I was younger, I was a rocker. I am older now, and a little less aggressive.  It is hard to pinpoint what artists have influenced my music.  Some of my all-time favorite bands and artists are the Who, The Babys, UFO, Cheap Trick, Alter Bridge, Chuck Berry, Concrete Blonde, Flame, Aerosmith, Humble Pie, Joe Ely, The Georgia Satellites and Ian Hunter. Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams were always there, as well.  I believe that all of these artists have a small piece in what I do. I guess every artist thinks that he or she is original, and I have difficulty deciding who I sound like. Some of the artists that are a better reflection of my music might be Joe Ely, Tom Petty, Warren Zevon or John Hiatt.”


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