Welcome to Matt Bruner, musician

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  “Troubadour? Singer-songwriter? Artist? Hell, I’m just a storyteller with a four-minute attention span and nervous hands!”

Matt calls himself “dark story-teller alt-folk with a smile.”  Most of his songs come from dreams, experiences and observations. A song may not be about him, but there is a strong personal element in there somewhere – his views, his ambitions or his morality.  Matt’s first CD, “Drive-In Sky” is a musical collection of his song-stories, some true some fiction. His second CD, “Half Lucky,” was released in 2014, and indulges his rock side a little more. His third, “Seven Grackles” returns to a more folk/singer-songwriter tradition.  Matt has published two books of his quick stories and observations, “Texas Takes: Unfocused Ramblings About Becoming a Texan,” and “No Vampires, No Zombies: A Bunch of Stories About Nearly Everything Else!”   


I perform regularly around the Tucson area, as a solo artist, and as a player in other bands.